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How to Earn through Google Map

Google opened again a new path to earn some money , now this time with the google map .Google provides an excellent concept of google map.
·GOOGLE'S online satellite pictures may have opened a new area for advertisers to boldly go where none have gone before .
·Now Advertisers are slowly discovering the potential of Google Maps
·Google Maps is a service that offers mapping technology to businesses
·If a visitor moused-over one and then clicked on the displayed AdWords advertisement, they would receive revenue off of each of those clicks... just how Google AdSense currently displays ads that publishers earnsportion of the revenue on when the ad is clicked
·If you are a small business owner who relies on advertising, then you've most likely had experience with different directory services or even spent countless hours online searching for ways to advertise your business and products at a price that fits your small business budget. There are many ways to let potential customers know your whereabouts and services, and believe it or not, some of the best of services are free .Imagine taking some of the major directory listings published throughout the world, and mapping the location and contact details for every listing in those publications to a dynamic, scrollable and searchable map interface. That is exactly what Google Maps does. Listing with Google Maps presents your business to prospective customers through a graphical map interface using a PC or a mobile phone. And that's where things get even more interesting
How People Use Google Maps People looking for a specific type of business, or one located within a certain geographical region, can type in a variety of search terms in the Maps search box. Searches can be based on a business type, location, walking or driving distance from a starting address, and many other criteria.
If you think AdWords through Google Maps sounds like an interesting way to advertise you start with the Google local business ads Web page to get an idea of how AdWords works.


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