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Indore at its Best

  • First City in INDIA to have twin reputed education institutes IIM and IIT.

  • The famous Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM was started first in Indore, then spread to ten other cities of India including 4 metros.

  • Indore is nicknamed as Mini Bombay because of similar lifestyles, fashion.

  • First private telephone operator Bharati had entered in INDIA from INDORE only.

  • 40 feet high idol at Bada Ganapati is the largest idol of Lord Ganesh in the world.

  • Indore stages largest tea party enters Guinness with 32,681 people sip tea at one place to enter the Guinness Book of Records in 2008 .

  • Until the early 1990s, Bollywood movies were released on Thursdays in Indore, and released elsewhere on Fridays.

  • The gates of Lalbagh Palace, Indore, are a replica of the gates of Buckingham Palace in London. They were cast in England and then shipped to Indore.

  • RRCAT(formerly CAT), Raja Rammanna Center for Advanced Technology is India's main Research center on Laser and Accelerator Technology, under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India is in Indore.


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